• Motor / Automatic Gates

  • Fire Systems Installation

  • Vehicle Inspection

  • Surveillance Cameras

  • Walk through metal detectors

  • Hand Held Metal detectors

Best Technology Control Systems

Bullet Cameras

Bullet cameras are a variation of the box camera built into a permanently sealed weatherproof enclosure. They can be used indoors or outdoors without the need for additional hardware.

Time Attendance Systems

This is an access control system that offers functions of recording and monitoring the movement of employees arriving, taking breaks, leaving for the day after work.

Automatic Gates (Gate Motor)

Automatic gates operate with fixed motors and they are remote controlled ,they are programmed on time that is open and close ,automatic gates can be programmed to operate in a distance.

Fire Systems

The fire alarm system consists of smoke detectors, heat detectors, glass break switches and blizzers which are connected to control panels. In case there is a fire, the siren/bell goes off (makes noise )

Vehicle Alarm Systems

We supply and install anti-theft vehicle alarm when a stranger tremble vehicle once• Sun 1 Alarm system. This is an ordinary car alarm system with one remote. A car makes noise when it sensors any touch

Door Phones/Intercoms

The system consists of wire color hands free video phone/ Intercom for Gate station. The system is not only convenient to use but also designed to provide an additional measure of security that brings.